Wedding Reading - Why Get Married?

In my last post I wrote about the wedding card that I painted for my brother's recent wedding. I also wrote a reading for them, for the ceremony.

Why Get Married? 

Why get married? It’s simple really. Because you love them, and want them to be there next month, next year. Because when you picture yourself as old, whether sitting in front of the fire in your slippers, or out waterskiing, or whatever you’re up to in your imagined distant future, they are there too.

Because each time you see them, whether out on a date and they’re looking their best, or just coming into the room at breakfast, your heart lifts in your chest and you feel a glow of happiness. 

Why get married? Because looking at their face is one of your favourite things to do; maybe third favourite, after watching them smile, which is second best to making them laugh, so you can expect a lifetime of bad jokes and silliness. 

Because when you are together there is more air to breathe and the world is warmer. When you are together, you are at home. You are family. 

Why get married? Because, when you were first together you thought you were a matching pair, two happy wombats in a wombat den. But then when they weren’t there you found that you were only half a wombat and that they were the other half.

Because sunsets are alright, when you see them on your own, they are beautiful enough. But when you can say, look, and they see it too, the beauty of the sunset has meaning. The sun went to bed above a world in which their hand was in yours, an event to always be remembered.

Why get married? Because it’s not just sunsets that being together gives meaning to. A hard day full of problems is not a wasted day, but a day when you are building your life together. 

Together you have said: let’s build one life to share. Or two lives but so entwined, that to pull them apart would at least cost a limb. But to take this awful risk, to be only half a wombat, is, you know, a sensible thing to do; because they help you thrive and grow, and be more you than alone you would have dared. Because you’ve seen them make themselves patient, when tired and upset, just so as not to hurt you. Because, when you are cold, they try to give you their jumper, and when you’re tired they get up off the sofa and make the tea.

You made space for each other. You shifted up a little and rubbed your sharp edges off where they collided and now you fit together.

Why get married? To see what happens next and who they are tomorrow...