Art I would like to make

I am enjoying thinking about where I am going with my art and a future theme, but I think I also need to think about things to make, not just the ideas behind my creativity. This is a list, a happy day dream of projects I would love to attempt, if I had infinite time and resources.

I would like to create natural environments to spend time in. Just films (or artificial realities?!) of wild places. Light moving through leaves, birdsong, animals, air, water, probably somewhat abstracted - maybe not a real place - a new world. No story, just being. It is sad to spend time in an artificial nature. A bit like pornography in place of loving sex. But also genuinely peaceful. Unless you made artificial places wilder, like law courts, shopping malls, service stations? This could be good, like Macintosh's stained glass woodland roof; or naff, like the cartoon cloudscapes painted on the ceiling in the toilets of some Little Chef restaurants and the birdsong and sheep blessings that keep you company as you wee.

I would like to make a landscape, like a painting (think Capability Brown on a smaller scale), the same landscape for example a folly, in a depression, with an oak tree to the right and sheep grazing by the door. But to repeat it in different places in the country or world. To create that sense of I know this place, I have been here before, in places we have never been. To challenge that recognition and sense of knowledge. Something to do with there being only one place and all connected and ever different in time.

There is a place in Ashton Court where there are old twisted elder trees covered in moss with ferns and honeysuckle creepers growing all over them. It’s a small area, on top of a hill, and the light comes through from behind it. It looks like the middle of an ancient forest. It is just off the path in a modern park, with dog walkers and joggers. I have wanted to paint it for ages. Stylistically it would fit with my recent paintings of landscapes; trying to mix line work, pencil and pen with free watercolour, and maybe oils/pencils/pastels too. I want to make it more than a picture of some twisted trees. And not with the deer railing by the side of the path to show it’s in the park. 

Ashton Court, vines

Ashton Court, vines

There is a woman who sells flowers that she grows in her own garden in Bedminster (the area of Bristol where I live). This seems to me to be a perfect example of the struggle to make a living from being ourselves. It seems heroic but hopeless. Her flowers are not wonderful quality and are very expensive compared to the much better flowers in the florists. She sits out there for hours, in all weather. Hard! She cannot make a living from it. I’d love to paint her sitting there with her flowers.

I want to paint a portrait of my friend Becca and her little girl. A mother and child in their terraced house. Each family in its own little box, safely isolated.

I would like to make a large glass sculpture, humanoid, larger than a person. Made as if the sculpture had shattered from the centre, and then been fused back together. I would like to see how the light moved down the joints.